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  • CCR § 10109 provides that an adjuster has affirmative duty to investigate whether or not a benefit is due. Under CCR § 10109 an adjuster must obtain further reporting from the doctors to determine whether or not the voucher is due. Therefore, if you encounter any delays in the provision of the voucher to an otherwise eligible injured worker you may want to refer the adjuster or defense attorney to CCR § 10109 before filing a dispute resolution. See attached sample penalty petition:
    SJDB Penalty Petition SAMPLE

    Our Services Include:
  • Voucher Services
  • Feasibility Evaluations
  • Career Counseling
  • Return to Work Coordination
  • Job Analyses / Job Descriptions
  • Work Site Ergonomic Evaluation
  • Long Term Disability Management (LTD)
  • Expert Testimony
    Jeff Malmuth & Co., established in 1992, services all of Northern California. Offering vocational rehabilitation and career counseling services, we take a creative approach to develop plans for individuals with a broad range of industrial injuries or impairments. We provide comprehensive reports, fast and accurate funds accounting, and follow-up calls to ensure client satisfaction. We also offer career transition services and first class resume development for those seeking new professions.

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